What Prayer Cards Are Used For

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November 4, 2020
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Commemorating a loved one is primarily what prayer cards are used for. They can be a beautiful offering provided to guests at a loved one’s funeral service. Memorial prayer cards are typically wallet-sized, allowing you to carry a small item that is representative of your loved one around with you at all times.

Honor You recognizes the importance of perfecting the memorial product to pay tribute to those who’ve passed and offers memorial prayer cards, so your family can design a card that best encapsulates the deceased’s elegance. You may be wondering where prayer cards originally came from. To understand the significance of a prayer card, we look back at how they originated and what prayer cards are used for today.

When were they first made?

Original prayer cards reportedly dated to as early as the 1500s and were most popular among Roman Catholics. They have since become recognized and utilized by other branches of Christianity, including Orthodox and Protestant.

Prayer cards were traditionally a byproduct of woodcutting. When first created, prayer cards were made with particular saints or prayers on them, intending to bring the card’s owner strength throughout the day and serve as a reminder for prayer. These cards’ ties to faith are evident today through the usual presence of a saint or prayer on either side of the keepsake.

Advances in technology led these emblems to be more accessible by the masses, encouraging an entire industry to arise to accommodate their growing demand. They’ve become inexpensive over time, an inclusive evolution from commemorative religious paintings or sculptures that could only be acquired by the affluent.

What is their purpose?

It is common to see prayer cards, or personalized memorial prayer cards, at funerals to honor an individual who has passed. Nowadays, the cards seen at funerals typically display a quality image of the deceased and a prayer or poem dedicated to them. Other information included on the card may be the individual’s date of birth and date of passing, the name of the funeral home, and the cemetery and plot number if the individual will be buried.

These keepsakes are a treasured piece that helps guests cherish the memory of their loved one. Often, prayer cards are enlarged into bookmarks to contain more information or graphics, serving functionality as well as sentiment.

If you are undergoing the bereavement of losing a loved one, let Honor You help relieve the stress of funeral organizing by utilizing our custom services. We will ensure you have a high-quality memorial product that proudly honors and represents your loved one. Contact us today for more information.

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