1How long does it take to get memorial items?
We produce all of the items that we offer at our facility in NJ and are able to ship same day. As long as approval for design is received by 2:00pm EST, we can get most orders printed and completed for shipping the same day. Even though we are located in NJ, we utilize shipping services such as FedEx and UPS to ship our products. Overnight delivery is offered as well as early morning delivery, at an additional cost. Because of services like these, we can offer our products just about overnight to any location in the continental U.S.
2What designs are available on your products?
We believe in personalization for our products. Each life is unique and we enjoy creating a unique product for each person. When given any specific colors, or themes we can usually work within those guidelines and create a memorable design. Of course, we always send proofs and if anything different is requested we can accommodate by updating or completely changing the design. If a particular design has been seen and is requested, we can usually match the design style. It is one of our benefits to using a service such as Honor You. We have a full staff of graphic designers waiting to work with you to create a memorable keepsake of your loved one. We don't leave you to figure it out on your own, or leave you with only a template. We work with you to create a special piece.
3How do I pay for my items?
We offer easy payment online on the website www.honoryou.com. Located on the bottom portion of our website, families can easily pay by most major Credit Cards.
4When do I need to submit information?
We pride ourselves in being extremely quick to have proofs available and products created within our facility. But there are times that we get a large influx of requests for our services and timely proofs may be delayed a bit in those cases. We prefer to have information in as early as possible so that there is ample time for the family member(s) to review and make any necessary additions or changes. When time frames are shortened, it diminishes the time available for quality proofing to be performed by the family. As a rule of thumb, we like to have all information in our office usually 72 hours (3 days) prior to the time products would need to leave our office for delivery. We understand there are instances where information has to be gathered and the 72 hour window is not able to be met. In that case, depending on what is being ordered, we can usually accommodate most families timelines. And, if necessary, we offer Priority Rush service, which for an additional fee we can have products created the same day and oftentimes within a couple hours.
5How do I prepare the obituary?
Usually by looking at some of our other programs in our Memorial Garden, families can get a sense of the information that is usually included within an obituary. In addition, on our "Resources" tab, we have a document that is useful for you to write the various components of the obituary. In the case that further assistance is needed, we provide basic proofreading service and can also offer full-service editing but extra time is needed, and depending on the information an additional cost may be included.
6Do you provide printing for non-funeral items?
After developing relationships with families over the years, many have come back to us for other printing needs. We at Honor You like to focus on the memorial related printing. However, we have established another company within our same facility that caters to all other printing, as well as marketing materials and even advertising concepts. Check out www.samsonsprint.com for further information
7What are your operating times?
Our general hours of operation are Monday thru Friday, from 9:00a to 6:00p, and Saturdays from 9:00a to 1:00p. If planning to come in to discuss a memorial request, please plan to come at least two (2) hours before closing time, and it is always best practice to call to make an appointment so that we will have somebody available and waiting to assist your family. As many people in the death industry are aware, no man knows the time nor the hour. We are sympathetic to the fact that a loved ones' death can occur at any time and we look to assist by providing our products for the final services. While the official office hours my state that we are closed for business, we do make an effort to respond to emails as soon as they are received by a member from our office. So emails to info@honoryou.com, and responding through our website Contact form, are excellent ways to communicate with us even in the off hours as you will likely get a response pretty quickly. Sundays though, we are not in the office at all and are not engaged in email conversations either, our office is officially closed on Sundays.