About Our Personalized Funeral Memorial Programs

Over the years we have expanded our line to offer many customized memorial products, but helping families prepare a custom funeral program remains our most effective way to have them honor the memory of their loved one. For years to come, our memorial pamphlets for funerals serve as lasting keepsakes detailing an individual’s life and accomplishments. A standard funeral service program usually consists of a photo, the obituary, an order of the service as well as a funeral poem or scripture that would normally go on the last page. These funeral handouts, also known as memorial pamphlets for funerals, help guests to follow the course of the memorial service and sometimes, when done early enough, will even serve as the funeral announcement.

Since our start in 2000, Honor You Memorial Products has worked with thousands of families to help them prepare obituaries and create beautiful and treasured custom funeral programs for their loved one. We believe that each life is unique, therefore we aim to create a unique funeral service pamphlet to honor and represent a unique life. We would be honored to help you create a custom funeral program for your loved one to share the wonderful story of a life lived.

And so, to help those who lost a loved one, we’re here to honor them through custom services, such as tailored funeral programs with selected poems and pictures to represent their lifetime. Additionally, our obituary program is a statement feature that tells loved ones the story of the deceased’s life, including the names of those left behind. We understand that having a program like this is essential, which is why we offer a wide variety of options to choose from, including custom funeral programs and memorial pamphlets for funerals. These funeral programs serve as a keepsake for friends and family to cherish long after the service has ended. Honor You’s funeral service pamphlets are of the highest quality, ensuring that you can preserve the memories of your loved one for years to come. Let Honor You help you create a beautiful and personalized funeral program that truly reflects the life of your beloved family member or friend.

Funeral Poems and Resources

There are several popular funeral poems that can be used on a memorial programs, or a personal written note or message can be submitted. You can also see some of our memorial and obituary programs we’ve recently created in our online Memorial Garden. If you need additional help, we also have a Simple Guide to preparing the funeral program available.

How To Order Funeral Programs

To order personalized funeral programs or any of our memorial products, please go to our Order Today page. Once you submit the necessary information we can prepare and email a proof of your custom funeral programs. Please include special requests in the notes of the order. In addition, feel free to contact our office by calling (973) 744-7101 if you have any questions about ordering our custom memorial products .

With every order of at least 100 professionally designed memorial service programs, you get:

  • FREE Matching Set of Personalized Thank You Cards w/ Envelopes (40ct)
  • FREE Laminated copy of the program

Bi-Fold Program

Standard Bi-Fold Program

Multiple Photo Program

Funeral handouts that are personalized with meaningful poems and multiple photos create a memorial program to honor a lifetime of memories. Serving families across Bergen, Essex, Hudson, and Union Counties, New Jersey and nationwide.
Multiple Photo Example

Premium Size Program

Premium Size (8.5x11) Bi-Fold

Tri-Fold Program

Tri-Fold Example
Tri-Fold Example

Step Program

Step Example
Step Example

Thank You Cards

Personalized Thank You Card
Personalized Thank You Card

We have created a SIMPLE GUIDE to help families to learn how to tell the Story of a Life through words and pictures. Whether you are designing the funeral program yourself, using a funeral program template, or even having it professionally done, the SIMPLE GUIDE: Preparing A Funeral Program tells you all that is needed.

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Above are some examples of our funeral programs. You can also see some of our memorial programs and funeral handouts we’ve recently created in our Memorial Garden. To order a funeral program, go to our Order Today page and fill in the requested information. We will contact you to go over the specific requirements of your order.