In 2000, I was faced with my first close experience with a funeral, my mom died. At that time, we were limited in ways to memorialize her. I created this site to help people like you to find easy ways to honor the memory of your loved one. Over the years we have been able to help thousands of families. You can custom design a memorial prayer card on your own, or our team of designers would be more than happy to help you create something beautiful and representative of their life. Read below and Click on the Button to learn more about how to order prayer cards. ~ Samuel

Sample Bookmarks You Can Design Online

Funeral Bookmarks

Our memorial bookmarks are customized to reflect a deceased person’s life. Customers have the choice to create obituary bookmarks that are designed with a photo, an image of scenery, or we may even use a collage of custom images to create a truly unique bookmark. The bookmarks are typically distributed to guests during the wake or viewing service. On the back of each custom funeral bookmark, you can include a funeral poem, scripture or prayer, or any custom poem, or even a personal saying.

The memorial prayer cards, mass cards, obituary bookmarks, and funeral cards are usually covered with a laminate or printed on a synthetic material making them water resistant and durable – creating a beautiful and lasting keepsake. The funeral bookmarks can be kept in a wallet, or purse, or used in a Bible or favorite book. If so, desired they can also be mounted on a mantle or nightstand. Oftentimes, memorial bookmarks are carried around to allow loved ones to quickly remember and pray for the deceased.

At Honor You, we understand how important it is to remember and honor the life of a loved one. That’s why we have a variety of services and products to offer as keepsakes at funerals, including our custom laminated obituary bookmarks. These bookmarks serve as a beautiful keepsake for funeral attendees to take home with them and cherish.

These obituary keepsake bookmarks not only serve as a beautiful tribute to your loved one but also as a practical tool for funeral attendees to mark their place in a book or religious text. Honor You provides personalized and meaningful memorial bookmarks to help you celebrate the life of your loved one.

How To Order Custom Laminated Memorial Bookmarks

We have created a Funeral Bookmark Designer which allows you to easily create your own bookmark design to honor your loved one. These custom laminated obituary bookmarks and memorial bookmarks can be professionally printed on our synthetic material for durability and delivered quickly to your door.

To order obituary keepsake bookmarks, prayer cards, or any of our other products, please go to our Order Today page.

Sample Bookmark Designs

Above are some examples of the front and backs of the memorial bookmarks for funerals that we design. Visit our Interactive Bookmark Design Center you can design the bookmark yourself and we will produce and have delivered to you. Alternatively, go to our Order Form, and provide us the information and pictures and we can professionally, custom design the memorial prayer cards and funeral and memorial bookmarks.