Digital Funeral Announcements

Funeral Announcements help to share the information of the upcoming funeral services so that family and friends can make necessary arrangements to attend. In the past, this information would be posted in traditional print newspaper notices. However today, with the widespread use of social media platforms, as well as email, an alternative has become available – Digital Funeral Announcements. Now our families can easily share the details of an upcoming funeral for a loved one.

Digital memorial service announcements are cost-effective, as they eliminate the costs of printing and distribution. Additionally, they’re easily accessible to family, friends, and other guests. They’re particularly useful for people who may reside farther away. Families can share digital announcements instantly, providing timely and up-to-date information.

Using our sample template selection below, we will be providing these to our clients starting this month and for a limited time, COMPLIMENTARY with any order of at least 100 color programs or 100 photo prayer cards. We must receive all the necessary information at least 72 hours prior to the services. All Funeral Announcement eligible orders received by 2:00p will be completed same day.

Our quality digital funeral announcements range from custom funeral prayer cards, personalized bookmarks, mass cards, and many other options to honor your loved ones. We make it simple to create custom funeral announcements with your own personal touches added. We allow you to use your own photos, choose the background photo, and personalize the dates and message. No matter what type of memorial or funeral announcement you’re looking for, we make it simple to find the right items to honor your loved ones. Experience the difference in quality customer service and products with our vast selection of memorial services announcements.

You can request a style from following funeral announcement templates. We can also accommodate if you would like to have personalized funeral viewing announcement with a special custom design. Just contact us for further information.

At Honor You, we proudly provide our clients with the best possible services, and we hope our digital funeral announcements will help families during this challenging time.