Memorial Scans – QR Code

Using any smartphone device or tablet, personalized funeral and wake service memorial items can be easily viewed during the final services by family members, friends and loved ones.

Memorial Scan

What we do:

  • We design and create a digital version of our personalized memorial products and upload to site
  • Create a unique code to reference digital products online
  • Provide you with Memorial Scans which allows, via any smartphone device, access to a digital copy of the personalized memorial product online.
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Utilizes the Latest Technology available.

Eliminating the costs of physically producing these products, this service Saves Money

This service is Available to Anyone, Anywhere.

It is Environmentally Friendly.

Monument Scan

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Unlimited information of your loved one can be made available.

Can be easily affixed directly to headstone monument using specially engineered adhesive backing for outdoor use

Multiple pictures, videos & visitor comments allowed

Security feature can be enabled for privacy of information

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