At Honor You, we strive to create lasting memorials that pay homage to your loved ones. Our casket and urn nameplates are no exception. They serve as a beautiful and tangible reminder of memories shared with your loved one.

Casket Nameplates

The casket plaques come in gold and silver. They also come in standard plastic material or deluxe metal. Each casket or urn nameplate can be personalized with up to three lines of information as well as a photo or an emblem. These unique in memory of name plates are the ideal way to help preserve the memory of your loved one.

Airforce Emblem
Army Emblem
Marine Emblem
Navy Emblem

Urn Plates

Our engraved name plates for urns are available with or without holes for a chain to hang around the urn. We offer many ways to personalize each memorial urn plate to ensure it is special.

We simplify finding quality memorial casket nameplates and engraved plates for urns customized with your loved one’s name and/or photo.

Our casket and urn nameplates serve as a small token of comfort during this difficult time, and we want to ensure that they reflect the unique life and legacy of your loved one. Personalize these keepsakes today.

Urn Nameplate
urn nameplate