7 Grief Resources Everyone Needs After Experiencing a Loss
7 Grief Resources Everyone Needs After Experiencing a Loss
December 8, 2021
4 Different Types of Funeral Services for a Loved One
4 Different Types of Funeral Services for a Loved One
January 10, 2022

When we lose someone close to us, one of the best things we can do is find ways to keep their memory alive. But it can be challenging to figure out how to preserve the memory of a lost loved one. Ultimately, you want to create something meaningful and unique to their spirit. Fortunately, there are options, and we’d like to share some of them with you.

Set Up a Permanent Memorial

Deciding how to preserve the memory of a lost loved one is no easy task. After all, you want to honor them in a poignant way that resembles who they were. Creating a permanent memorial is a great place to start, and there are various ways to do this.

Perhaps there’s a park your loved one was fond of. If so, you might consider purchasing a bench and having their name engraved on it. This way, you can enjoy the presence of your loved one in a place they used to cherish whenever you like.

Or maybe you’d prefer something more intimate, like a personal shrine in your home. You can use personal items such as pictures and even their funeral register book to build a memorial collage. Doing this will honor their memory and allow you to feel their presence each day.

Create an Annual Tradition

You might also consider starting a new annual tradition to honor your lost loved one. For instance, hosting a yearly dinner on the deceased’s birthday is an excellent opportunity to reminisce about your favorite memories with them.

Or, if they were cremated, you might consider scattering a portion of their ashes on the anniversary of their death each year. In any case, creating a new tradition to honor your lost loved one preserves their memory and keeps them close to your heart even as you navigate through life without them.

Get Involved With Their Favorite Organizations

If the deceased was passionate about certain organizations, charities, or volunteer programs, you might consider getting involved with some of them yourself. Doing this allows you to participate in activities that your loved one cherished in life.

Plus, it allows you to be of service to others. You can do this kind of work as a yearly act of kindness, or you can choose to participate more regularly. Either way, involving yourself in things that your loved one enjoyed will help their memory live on within you.

Visit Their Favorite Places Often

Another excellent way to immortalize your loved ones is by visiting their favorite places and doing so often. Maybe there was a bar the two of you used to frequent together. Or perhaps they enjoyed a particular farmer’s market or music festival they went to every year.

In this case, you might be able to find great meaning in visiting these places on your own. Take some time to retrace their steps and remember the wonderful time you had with them in these places. You’ll be able to continue cherishing the memory of your loved one while creating new memories in all the lovely places you enjoyed together while they were alive.

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