4 Different Types of Funeral Services for a Loved One

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December 16, 2021
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Whether you’re planning a traditional funeral or a casual celebration of life with those closest to you, commemorating those you’ve lost is essential. And because your loved one was a unique individual, it’s crucial to plan a service that reflects their values and who they were in life. Delve into some of the different types of funerals so that you can plan a fitting service for your loved one.

Traditional Funeral Service

Traditional funeral services are among the most commonly known ceremonies we participate in to commemorate our lost loved ones. These services are generally comprised of three primary components known as the:

  • Viewing or visitation
  • Funeral ceremony
  • Burial at the gravesite

Traditional funeral services are often incredibly formal and spiritually driven. Hymns, scripture, and other special readings are shared with those in attendance during the ceremony. And the focus of the service is on honoring the deceased’s transition out of life and into the afterlife.

Suppose you’re looking into different types of funeral services for a loved one who would appreciate a formal spiritual ceremony. If so, you might consider going with a full-service funeral.

Graveside Service

Of course, full-service funerals aren’t the best fit for everyone. The good news is that there are numerous ways to commemorate our lost loved ones.

For instance, perhaps your loved one would appreciate a traditional service minus all the bells and whistles. In this case, you might consider going with a simple graveside service. You and those attending still get to participate in a ceremony that includes special readings and hymns, but there will not be a visitation or funeral ceremony. Instead, the entire service revolves around the burial. In this way, you and your loved ones can still say your final goodbyes in a traditional sense—but with a much shorter service.

Traditional Full-Service Cremation

Many think that cremation services are less formal, but they’re very similar to traditional funerals. Full-service cremations include a visitation or viewing of the deceased before they’re cremated. They also involve special readings and singing.

Plus, full-service cremation ceremonies often incorporate memorial products like service pamphlets and obituaries. The key difference with cremation services is that the loved ones ultimately choose what to do with the remains. They can opt to bury the urn, scatter the ashes, or keep them.

Thus, cremation services are an excellent option for those choosing between different funeral services for a loved one. Specifically, cremation is ideal if you’re looking for an alternative to a traditional casket burial.

Celebration of Life

 Celebration of life and memorial services are slightly different than traditional funeral services. These services typically take place after the remains of the deceased have been taken care of. Additionally, these ceremonies are generally less formal and focus more on celebrating who the deceased was in life rather than honoring their transition out of it.

Plus, those grieving are given more creative freedom to choose how they wish to celebrate during these ceremonies. For instance, a celebration of life or memorial service can occur in a park or at your loved one’s favorite restaurant.

In any case, commemorating our loved ones is a vital aspect of saying goodbye, no matter how we choose to do it. Hopefully, this quick guide provided some valuable information on your options so that you can host a fitting ceremony for your loved one.

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