How To Write an Obituary for Your Loved One

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November 13, 2020
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December 3, 2020

The responsibilities that follow the loss of a loved one can be overwhelming. You have to organize funeral responsibilities and juggle your emotions simultaneously. There are many moving parts that must be coordinated to prepare for memorial, funeral, and burial services. Honor You understands that tending to all the details that follow the loss of a loved one is no easy feat. We’ve created a guide on how to write an obituary for your loved one to help complete an essential step in honoring the deceased.

Announce the Death

Lead the obituary with an announcement of death of the loved one. Include their name, age, and the date on which they passed. Typically, you can encompass these necessary details into the first sentence or two of the obituary.

Provide General Info

Next, mention biographical details regarding your loved one’s life. You can state their birthday, hometown, success stories, marriage info, and any educational or occupational history. It might be tempting to be extensive when writing about your loved one but try to keep these details concise as possible. With obituaries, you want to pack more meaning into fewer words.

Talk with Family and Friends of Loved Ones

Speak with family and friends to recall stories about your loved one’s character and life. This will get the ball rolling on how to encapsulate their life on paper.

Within the obituary, you should include family members who the deceased is survived by. It is common to mention family who have passed prior to your loved one’s death, too.

Make It Personal

Along with nailing the logistics of how to write an obituary for your loved one, you are probably hoping to capture their essence. Highlight their hobbies and passions to give unfamiliar readers an idea of their personality. Keep in mind that publishers usually charge by space used by the obituary, so maintain the wording within a feasible price range.

Further Information

Toward the end of the obituary, mention time, date, and place of memorial or funeral services. This will provide necessary information to those who wish to pay their respects. If you feel inclined, you can include details regarding flowers or other forms of condolences.

In addition to a custom obituary, many folks utilize personalized memorial keepsakes to provide the deceased’s loved ones with commemorative pieces. Honor You strives to lift the burden off mourning families with our broad memorial resources. Reach out today to inform us on how we can be of service to you and your family.

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