How To Make a Memorial Shadow Box

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The Stages of Bereavement and How to Work Through Them
May 6, 2021
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A shadow box is a glass-enclosed display case often used to group and showcase memorabilia. In recent years, shadow boxes have become popular methods of commemorating loved ones who have passed. Discover how to make a memorial shadow box and create a loving display of the deceased that serves as a nod to their cherished life.

Select Your Favorite Photos and Memorabilia

Assemble an assortment of photos of your loved one to include in the box. A diverse selection of pictures will help encapsulate their life. For example, in addition to a portrait photo, you could include one of them with friends, family, or partaking in a favorite hobby.

A popular option when making shadow boxes is to include mementos from the deceased’s lifetime. You can add awards, certificates, medals, collectibles, and other relics from their life.

Their personalized memorial service pamphlet can make a beautiful addition to the shadow box to acknowledge their final celebration of life as well. Honor You offers a comprehensive design process to help ensure the funeral programs are elegant and personal.

Keep It Simple

Try to narrow down your options of items going into the shadow box. Including too many items in one shadow box can make it appear overcrowded. You can always default to creating a second shadow box to honor other favorite pictures and memorabilia.

Make It With Family and Friends

Ask family and friends if they have any of the deceased’s memorabilia that they would like to contribute to the memorial shadow box. Making the shadow box with family and friends can help make the experience an uplifting one rather than a melancholy one. It also gives you the opportunity to gain some other creative perspectives on how you should lay out the box.

Determine the Layout

Once you’ve gathered all the materials you wish to fit into the box, determine how you’ll configure it all into a fashionable manner. Be sure that the inside of the display case is clean before organizing the items inside. A streaky glass front or dusty interior could hinder the appearance of the final product. You’ll also want to affix a nice background first to make a memorial shadow box look more complete.

Honor You Memorial Products knows how important it is to properly honor a lost loved one. We offer an abundance of memorial products with custom-made designs as unique as your beloved. We also have a wide variety of additional resources to help you navigate the experiences that follow losing someone close. Contact us today to learn more about our keepsake offerings.

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