3 Tips for Decorating a Casket During a Funeral

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October 5, 2022
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Many details go into a funeral. When you lose someone close to you, all these aspects can be overwhelming during such a difficult time. We are here to provide some helpful information on personalization during a funeral.

Personalization during end-of-life services helps everyone remember how special the dearly departed was. Their final resting place can showcase their personality. Read on to learn some thoughtful tips for decorating a casket at a funeral.


Most folks adorn caskets with flowers, a beautiful way of remembering a loved one. Plenty of different arrangements are available, so floral accents can usually help honor them and match their personality. This traditional decorating method might work best if the person you lost loved nature or gardening. However, if the individual never cared for flowers, you may want to avoid this route.

Photos and Casket Panel

Photos can capture some of our most cherished memories. As our second tip for decorating a casket at a funeral, they provide a special touch that most other funerary accents can’t capture. Many of us feel sentimental seeing our loved ones in some of their happiest moments.

Consider placing the photos on the casket’s surface or incorporating them on the main interior portion. A casket panel accomplishes this task and keeps the pictures neatly contained. You can choose either one large photograph or a collage of photos. With our services, you can add graphics or text to your photos as an additional way to personalize them.

Meaningful Mementos

If flowers and photos don’t resonate with you, try thinking about what the dearly departed loved most in life. You can use these items as meaningful mementos to adorn the casket, whether they reflect a hobby or career. Perhaps your loved one served as a law officer for most of their life and helped countless individuals. In that case, you may want to place their police hat on the casket.

Consider incorporating meaningful mementos for you and guests to take after the service, such as obituary keepsake bookmarks. These special memorial gifts help you appreciate your loved one for years to come.

Decorating a casket is a beautiful way to cherish the memory of the dearly departed. At Honor You, we are here to offer you our full support for all your funerary needs.

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