Open Casket vs. Closed Casket: Which Should You Choose?

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October 10, 2022
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When a loved one passes away, we often feel at a loss. In times of great sadness, planning a funeral can overwhelm the bereaved. There are many details to figure out, such as if you should choose an open or closed casket.

In this article, we will respectfully look at the merits of each to see which is appropriate for the end-of-life services for your lost loved one.

Open Casket Considerations

People sometimes choose open caskets so they can get closure. It can be difficult to come to terms with a loss without seeing the deceased’s body. This can be especially important for folks who haven’t visited the dearly departed in many years. Otherwise, they may struggle to cope.

When you choose an open casket, you have the option to personalize the funerary service with casket panel inserts. You can choose your favorite photo of the deceased, or you may want to pick several pictures to showcase beautiful moments from their life.

Closed Casket Considerations

Depending on the nature of your loss, you may want to consider a closed casket for the dearly departed. Some people find it upsetting to see their loved one in a weakened state, for example, if they had a long battle with an illness that caused their physical appearance to change drastically.

Some individuals are sensitive to seeing the deceased, no matter the cause, so you may want to consider who will attend the service. You may also want to think of your personal preferences or the wishes of your lost loved one when trying to decide.

Final Thoughts

Because we all grieve differently, deciding on an open casket or a closed casket is a highly personal decision. When considering which you should choose, reflect on the way you grieve.

If your instincts tell you that everyone should see your loved one a final time, an open casket may be the appropriate choice. This gives mourners a chance to visit with the dearly departed. However, if you feel seeing them in that state may do more harm than good, a closed casket can suit your needs.

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