Your Complete Guide To Cremation Urns and Name Plates

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Once you reach a certain age, it’s hard to find anyone who hasn’t experienced the death of a loved one. For most of these experiences, however, you may not have had to make any decisions regarding the final arrangements. This can be an overwhelmingly stressful and difficult time. To make things a little easier, we’ve created a complete guide to cremation urns and name plates.


Be mindful of the fact that different substances work better under different conditions. Graveyard urns are ideally placed in stone because they can last for hundreds or even thousands of years without eroding. As the name implies, biodegradable urns are made to decompose in water, making them ideal for scattering or natural burial. Wooden urns for cremation should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Material selection will also affect the price you pay, but there are usually low-cost choices available in nearly every category. Because of their sensitive nature, crystal and glass urns are generally more expensive, whereas wood urns are frequently among the cheapest options. Large urns and companion urns will cost extra because of their larger size. Urns for remembrance and sharing can be inexpensive.


When choosing a cremation urn, think about whether you want something more traditional or something that reflects the deceased’s interests. Traditionally, there are magnificent classic brass urns, unadorned metal cubes, bright cloisonné vases, and gorgeous marble Greek urns available. Even classic metal and ceramic vase urns frequently have beautiful design features such as flowers, butterflies, or other such images. Some, like magnificent marble urns with beautiful patterns and hues or polished brass urns, are created to let the inherent beauty of the materials shine through. As well as commemorating your loved one’s life and achievements, there are several cremation urn alternatives to commemorate their distinct personality traits. Consider a sculpture urn or a metal cube urn with images of a beloved hobby or a favorite place of interest rendered in three dimensions.


It doesn’t matter what size or style of urn you choose; we highly advise having the name and dates of the deceased inscribed on it. If you keep the urn at home, it’s critical to personalize the engraving so that future generations will know who it belongs to. Urn name plates are a wonderful way to remember your loved ones and pass on their memories. Most urns are able to feature an engraving of a short message or poem in addition to the name of the deceased, so you can even include something that meant a lot to your deceased loved one. This is going to be the most impactful part of your choices, as cremation urns and their name plates are deeply personal; no two can be the same.

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