Tips for Choosing the Right Prayer Cards
Tips for Choosing the Right Prayer Cards
April 18, 2024
A small table displays a picture frame, lit white candles, and a rose in front of a wooden casket at a funeral.
The Best Ways To Display Photos at a Funeral
May 13, 2024

A meaningful keepsake can offer a comforting way to cherish the memory of a loved one. A funeral bookmark, also called a memorial or obituary bookmark, is a personalized memento distributed at funerals, memorial services, or celebrations of life to commemorate the legacy and character of the dearly departed. As you are designing a funeral bookmark, you must consider what information you would like to include on it. These are the basic elements you should put on a funeral bookmark.

Essential Information

Every funeral bookmark should display some personalized text about the deceased. This is usually displayed on the front of the card, along with custom imagery. Additionally, the template you choose will determine how much text you can fit on the front of the card. Here are some examples of text you can include about your loved one:

  • Their full name
  • Date of birth and date of passing
  • Information about the ceremony
  • Other details about their life

You can also put a larger title on the front of the card, such as “In Memory of…” or “In Remembrance of…”.

Portrait of the Deceased

Many families choose to include a portrait photo of their lost loved one on the front of their funeral bookmark. For the best quality bookmark, choose a high-resolution photo that clearly shows their face from their chest up. Alternatively, instead of a portrait, you may include religious or bereavement imagery to honor their faith and passing.

Background Image

A background image or collage of images can give your funeral bookmark a calming effect. Some common backgrounds for obituary bookmarks are serene landscapes or imagery symbolizing their journey to heaven. The imagery could also reflect your loved one’s life accomplishments, beliefs, and interests.

Back Panel Information

The back of a funeral bookmark can display a poem, scripture, or quote to remember and honor the life of a loved one. Including a meaningful passage can help those who are grieving find solace as well, as the text can serve as a reminder of all the wonderful memories shared together and that they are now at peace after passing.

You can take funeral bookmarks wherever you go as a lasting reminder of the life your loved one lived. To keep your loved one’s memory alive, Honor You can create laminated obituary bookmarks as a beautiful tribute to their life and legacy. Laminated funeral bookmarks are long-lasting mementos for funeral guests to cherish for many years.

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