What You Should Put On a Funeral Bookmark
What You Should Put On a Funeral Bookmark
May 1, 2024
How To Incorporate Cultural Elements in Your Funeral Program
How To Incorporate Cultural Elements in Your Funeral Program
May 22, 2024

Funerals are the time to reflect on the heartfelt memories shared with the dearly departed. What better way to capture and present a loved one’s life story than with a thoughtfully curated photo display? Photos also add a personalized touch and bring people together to reminisce over beautiful, shared moments in times of mourning. We’ll explore various heartfelt methods of displaying photos at a funeral, ensuring the legacy of a loved one is celebrated with the reverence it deserves.

A Sentimental Slideshow

Creating a slideshow or montage is an excellent way to showcase assorted photos on a large screen or projector. Setting this visual narrative to the departed’s favorite music or a calming melody can create a moving tribute that speaks volumes about their life. We recommend downloading your slideshow onto a thumb drive so that you don’t have to rely on an Internet connection.

Memorial Posters

Memorial posters tend to be focal points or the first displays guests see when entering a funeral. Most posters feature a large, flattering portrait of the departed in the center with other information about their life and the memorial service. You can print these thoughtful displays on high-quality poster paper and present them on an easel or free-standing in a prominent location.

Memorial Table

Photographs are essential for decorating a memorial table. You can use this space to showcase cherished mementos that paint a vivid picture of the loved one’s life. Families have the opportunity to arrange personal items and dear pictures in a creative way for guests to browse. Consider adding notes with captions that might include the date, location, or context of the photo, which might not be familiar to all guests.


Collages weave the major milestones and memories of the dearly departed with their living loved ones. To honor a lost loved one’s life, incorporate photographs from all life stages—childhood up until the point of their passing—and moments they would want to be remembered by. Collages are wonderful opportunities for families to construct a complete image of their loved one’s legacy.

Casket Inserts

Another way to display photos at a funeral is to design a casket insert panel with a large portrait of the dearly departed. Casket pictures provide a deeply personal touch to the funeral service, placing cherished images within the casket as if to accompany the departed on their final journey. Casket inserts also include the deceased’s name and a background image that reflects their interests and personality.

The way we choose to display photos at a funeral can create a space for healing and remind us of the indelible mark left in life. Visual displays at memorial services allow you to preserve a loved one’s legacy and bring your family solace.

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