What Are the Cards They Give Out at Funerals?

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Numerous things take place during a funeral service. People greet one another and exchange condolences. There are also times of silent prayer, special readings, music, and even sermons. You might also notice pallbearers or greeters handing out special cards to each attendee during the service.

With so much going on, it can be difficult to understand these cards and their role at a funeral. Fortunately, we’ve put together this brief guide to elaborate on the subject.

What Are the Cards?

You may see several cards being given out at a funeral.

For instance, there are:

  • Obituary cards
  • Service pamphlets
  • Memorial pamphlets 

Some families may even hand out personalized prayer cards as a keepsake for guests. As you can see, you might see a wide variety of cards being handed out at a funeral.

What Are They For?

Indeed, various types of cards are handed out at funerals. That said, each card you see has roughly the same purpose: to provide information about the funeral and honor the memory of the deceased. For instance, an obituary card is a hard copy of the dearly departed’s obituary. It includes pertinent information about their life, death, and who they were in life.

A service pamphlet is a card that serves as an itinerary for the service itself. It will typically list the series of events to take place, from opening prayers to music, readings, and closing hymns. Memorial pamphlets and prayer cards are usually more aligned with keepsake items. They may include pictures of the deceased and parts of their favorite scriptures.

Why Are They Important?

By now, we know what cards are handed out and what information they include. But what makes these funeral cards so important? Service pamphlets ensure the ceremony runs smoothly and that attendees understand how things will unfold.

On the other hand, prayer and memorial cards are more about celebrating the spirit of a lost loved one. They also provide guests with a small keepsake to remember the deceased. In any case, the cards you see being handed out at a funeral always serve an important purpose.

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