How Long Is Too Long To Send a Funeral Acknowledgment?

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August 18, 2022
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Funeral acknowledgments are crucial. They acknowledge friends, family, and community members that come forward to offer condolences in your time of need. They allow you the chance to reach out and reciprocate that love and support. That said, it’s important to demonstrate the proper etiquette.

Moreover, timeliness is imperative if you choose to send funeral acknowledgments. After all, you don’t want your loved ones to receive these wonderful cards too late after the ceremony. But how long is too long to send a funeral acknowledgment, and what’s the proper etiquette for sending one?

Uncover the answers to those questions in our brief guide.

Proper Etiquette and What To Say

Knowing the proper timeline for sending a funeral acknowledgment is only part of the equation. Taking time to think about what you want to say and the gifts you might like to send along with your acknowledgment is also imperative in following proper etiquette. Perhaps you plan on sending a card to everyone in attendance. If so, you might choose to send cards with the same special verse or phrase on each of them.

You might also select a small remembrance gift, like an obituary bookmark, for a personal touch. This is an excellent way to show gratitude to those in your community. Moreover, it allows you to do this without writing a personal acknowledgment to each funeral attendee. If there are a few people you’d like to send a more personalized card to, that’s wonderful, and you should.

But you certainly don’t need to do it for every single person. Sending out a thank-you card with a small gift is more than enough.

Timeline for Funeral Acknowledgments

There are a few things to consider with funeral acknowledgments. Perhaps the most imperative among them is the timeline you send them out. Ensuring your friends, family, and community members receive your cards promptly is essential. Certainly, most wouldn’t expect that you send them days or even a couple of weeks after the ceremony.

However, typically, it’s best to have them sent out a couple of months after the funeral. This doesn’t have to be a complicated process, though. You can always pre-order your acknowledgments or talk to the funeral home to see if they might have products on hand for you. It may seem like an arduous process. But once it’s complete, you’ll feel relief.

Why Timelines Are Important

But why do timelines matter when it comes to funeral acknowledgments? It’s a fair question. After all, losing a loved one is difficult, and navigating grief can make things like thank-you cards seem trivial. However, the people you send acknowledgment cards to are also experiencing loss. And it’s important for them to feel supported and seen.

Thus, waiting five or six months to send your funeral acknowledgments is probably not the best idea. Instead, it’s wise to follow the proper timelines for sending them out. If you struggle to sit down and put your acknowledgment cards together, that’s okay! In these situations, we recommend asking a close friend or family member to step in and help you out.

In any case, understanding the proper timeline for sending funeral acknowledgment cards is essential. It ensures that you show your loved ones support and gratitude during a difficult time.

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