Memorial Etiquette Rules You Should Know About
Memorial Etiquette Rules You Should Know About
July 16, 2021
Funeral Etiquette: Tips for Sending Acknowledgment Cards
Funeral Etiquette: Tips for Sending Acknowledgment Cards
August 9, 2021

If you’ve ever attended a funeral or memorial ceremony, you’ve likely left with a keepsake to commemorate the individual who has passed. Perhaps it was a memorial prayer card, which typically contains a funeral poem that encapsulates the well wishes and love for the deceased and often resembles their character. If you’re responsible for creating custom memorial prayer cards or are curious about what they are, Honor You is here to help. If you’re asking, “what are funeral poems and memorial prayer cards,” read on and learn about their significance in end-of-life ceremonies.

What Are Memorial Prayer Cards?

Those who arrange the memorial ceremony have memorial cards made to distribute to friends, family, and other guests. A few details you’ll find on a memorial prayer card include the following:

  • A portrait photo of the deceased.
  • Their date of birth and date of passing.
  • A symbolic prayer, poem, a scripture that honors their life.
  • A title such as “In Loving Memory,” “A Personal Prayer For,” or “In Remembrance of.”

Designers encapsulate this information onto either a wallet-sized card or bookmark. The small size of memorial prayer cards enables guests to easily stow this keepsake in their wallet, purse, car, or book to remember their loved one.

What Are Funeral Poems?

You will usually either see a prayer or a funeral poem intended for the deceased on the back of memorial cards. There’s a wide range of funeral poems, and below, we’ve noted a handful of popular themes of poems for prayer cards.

  • Keeping the memories of your loved one alive even though they are gone.
  • Finding solace in knowing your loved one has found peace.
  • Feeling grateful for the times shared before they passed.
  • Appreciation for love, life, and memories shared with family and friends from the perspective of the loved one.

With Help From Honor You

Now that you know what funeral poems and memorial prayer cards are, you can confidently create a memorial keepsake for your family member or friend’s funeral. At Honor You, we ensure that every memorial prayer card design is as unique as your loved one was. We also have a list of popular funeral poems, scriptures, and prayers to choose from if you need help finding the right one. With our lamination process, you know that each card will look sleek, feel durable, and remain with guests for a long time to come.

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