Tips on What To Write In a Funeral Register Book

Remembrance Quotes for Funerals and Memorial Services
Remembrance Quotes for Funerals and Memorial Services
September 8, 2021

From flowers to sympathy cards, there are many ways to share your condolences when someone loses a loved one. If you attend a funeral, you may encounter a funeral register book. Funeral register books allow guests to note their presence at the service, as well as a few comforting words for the family of the deceased. Honor You shares tips on what to write in a funeral register book so you can feel prepared to write come the day of service.

Note Your Name and Contact Details

When mourning, family members may find it difficult to monitor who’s stopping by the memorial. A funeral register book assists the family of the deceased by keeping track of the service’s attendees. This contact book often later serves as a reference that the family can use when writing bereavement thank you cards.

So that the family can reach you properly and know you were present, write your name and basic contact details legibly. Should you not know the deceased’s family personally, you may wish to include the name of the company or organization from which you knew the deceased.

Share a Brief Story

A short story can be a powerful tool to convey an individual’s impact. Since the primary purpose of a funeral register book is to collect funeral guests’ names and contact information, another one of our tips on what to write in a funeral register book is try to keep it to a brief story.

Share Your Condolences

A funeral register book is a great space to share your condolences. Your message of condolences should be kept fairly short and always sincere. Simply wishing the family well and letting them know you’re thinking of them can mean a lot to those grieving the loss of a loved one.

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