Tips for Designing a Funeral Program

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How To Choose The Right Funeral Home
October 26, 2020
The First Steps To Take After a Loved One Passes
The First Steps To Take After a Loved One Passes
November 4, 2020

Organizing the details for a funeral service following the loss of a loved one can be quite overwhelming. Time limits often put a strain on funeral service assembly and certainty that it will be a sufficient honor for the life lost. A lot of effort goes into putting on a successful funeral service, from the funeral service handouts to floral arrangements. If you are responsible for creating a service’s custom funeral program and are wondering where to start, consider these tips for designing a funeral program provided by Honor You.

A funeral program is a handout for guests that gives them information regarding the order of service and usually an overview of life accomplishments of the deceased. There are several ways to design your program to encompass all this information while maintaining an elegant appearance.

Cover Photo

A cover photo is a crucial aspect, as it can make or break the rest of the program’s design depending on its quality. It is also an opportunity to choose a photo that encompasses your loved one’s cherished features. Select a high-quality headshot of the deceased that does not have any background distractions. You want to choose a cover photo that is well-illuminated and focused to clearly showcase the loved individual front and center.

Appropriate Font or Word Art

Choose an elegant font for the cover title of your program. You can display the deceased person’s name with this font as well, but make sure the program’s font is formal and legible. You can experiment with different font and word art options on the layout during the design process of your funeral program.

Additional Photos

If you have the space, include additional photos of your loved one with family and friends, or of them participating in their favorite pastimes. These photos give guests a moment to reflect on what the deceased was known for, and who was blessed by their company. Try not to incorporate too many photos, however, as you want your pamphlet to be as easy to navigate as possible.

Important Information

Pertinent information to include on a funeral service program include:

  • Deceased’s full name, including maiden if applicable
  • Date of birth and passing
  • Who they are survived by
  • Pallbearers, officiant, person delivering eulogy
  • Titles of any poems, songs, or readings during service
  • Time, date, and place of funeral and burial

Quality Paper

Lastly, you want to select a quality paper for your program’s order, so your design maintains a polished look when printed. It is best to stick with light and neutral colors for the paper’s color to avoid any difficulty seeing fonts and photos.

Honor You offers a variety of memorial products, including service programs. Using these tips for designing a funeral program and our custom funeral program design options, you are guaranteed to create a pamphlet that illuminates your loved one in an admirable fashion.

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