Signs That It’s Time To Seek Grief Counseling

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When we experience a loss—whether that means the death of a loved one, separation or divorce, or a job loss—we may experience feelings of anger, pain, and sadness, as well as other complex emotions. But when these emotions being to disrupt our daily lives, it causes concern. If your journey with bereavement feels insurmountable, reflect on the signs that it’s time to seek grief counseling.

You’ve Yet To Acknowledge the Loss

If you avoid processing grief, those neglected emotions could resurface unexpectedly. Carve out some time to acknowledge the thoughts and feelings surrounding your loss. If you’re swamped with work, communicate your need for a bereavement day with your supervisor. If you’re overwhelmed with household responsibilities, reach out to family or friends who can lend a hand.

You Struggle To Move Forward With Your Life

Because grief is a personal process, you have no specific time frame for mourning your loss. But you may feel like you can’t move forward with your life after a certain amount of time. Maybe you no longer participate in activities that bring you joy, or you don’t return to your job. In this case, you may benefit from grief counseling.

Grief Turns Into Depression

Grief and depression aren’t the same, though people experiencing intense grief may develop symptoms of clinical depression. Here are a few notable signs it’s time to seek grief counseling, and potentially a medical professional:

  • Your self-esteem falters. Those who are grieving may experience quick bouts of guilt, but those who are depressed may experience lasting guilt and wavering self-worth.
  • Depression often evokes numbness, while grief instigates an array of emotions.
  • Depression obstructs the ability of individuals to experience joy and hope.

Finding Help

There are many ways to gain support beyond your family or friends while on your bereavement journey. The two main options for grief counseling are one-on-one sessions with a licensed professional who specializes in grief counseling, and group counseling in which you listen and share with others in a forum-like setting.

Honor You has a variety of resources for those who are experiencing a loss, from informational and advisory blogs, to custom options for funeral memorial programs and other memorial products to help make final arrangements more personal. Losing a loved one brings up a lot of emotions, making it especially important to check in with yourself to determine whether grief counseling may prove beneficial.

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