Common Engraved Inscriptions To Put On an Urn or Casket

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Planning for our lost loved ones means deciding what will be written on their caskets or urns. After all, these sacred containers are what will hold their remains forever. So it’s crucial to ensure that whatever is inscribed on them represents the dearly departed in a meaningful way.

There are so many options to choose from. This can make it challenging to decide on casket and urn inscriptions that honor your loved one most appropriate. Allow us to provide some inspiration with examples of common engravings people like to put on their loved ones’ casket or urns.

Common Inscriptions

There is an ocean of casket and urn inscriptionchoicesout there. But a few seem to be more popular among family members and close friends of the dearly departed. We’ve taken some time to list them below and explain what makes them unique.

#1. Forever In Our Hearts/ Always In Our Hearts

This inscription is particularly popular, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s the perfect way to express how deeply the deceased person touched the lives of those around them. It also conveys that the dearly departed’s positive impact on their loved ones will never fade. Instead, it will remain in the hearts of their family and friends long after they’re gone.

#2. Forever Loved/ Always Loved

This is another popular engraving choice and for a good reason. Like the first inscription, these words express how deeply the presence of the deceased was felt while they were alive. Not only that, but it also celebrates how much this person was truly adored by those around them. And again, it suggests that the deep love for this person will not fade in their absence.

#3. Rest In Peace

We can’t talk about casket and urn inscriptions without mentioning the lovely and timeless phrase that is “Rest In Peace.” There is a reason that this term has been used so often in mourning the ones we love. To start with, it helps us with our lost loved ones’ peace in their next chapter. Second, it implies that the dearly departed are moving onto a more peaceful and restful form of existence.

Of course, we’ve only covered some of the basics here. Inscriptions are incredibly personal sentiments. The most important thing is to select something that represents your loved one and honors their memory appropriately.

Common Date Formats and Artwork

The inscriptions that will adorn your loved one’s casket or urn are just part of the equation. It’s also wise to consider what sort of data formats you’d like to have inscribed on them. Luckily, there are a few of these to choose from, including:


You could also write out the date of birth and (or) date of death in full. For instance, “December 13, 2065” might be the most appropriate date format for your loved one. You might also consider having unique artwork engraved on your loved one’s urn or casket along with date formats.

There are various options for this as well. Many choose to have symbols, family crests, or animals engraved on the caskets or urns of their loved ones. Some people opt for something a bit more extravagant. To illustrate, decorating with urn or casket images of the deceased is a popular choice.

Final Thoughts

Ensuring that your loved one’s casket or urn is adorned with words, dates, and images that honor their memory and celebrate the person they were in life is imperative. If you’re looking for someone to help you through the process, Honor You is just a phone call away.

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