Why It’s Important To Remember Loved Ones Despite the Pain

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February 23, 2022
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March 15, 2022

We understand that grieving the loss of a loved one is a complex and challenging process. That said, sometimes, taking the time to remember who the deceased was in life can be a helpful method for processing your emotions and finding the strength to heal. Take a moment to explore some of the reasons that making time for remembrance is essential. We ardently hope this guide can provide you with valuable insight into how remembering helps us grieve. 

It Allows You To Say Goodbye 

When discussing why it’s important to remember loved ones despite the pain, we must recognize how remembrance allows us to say goodbye. Taking time to ruminate on the person you lost can help you find a path forward, be it through a funeral, memorial service, or personal moment of solitude. These types of services are an integral part of the healing process. 

You’ll likely be in the presence of those who love you, which can lend you the strength you need to say your final goodbyes and start the next chapter of your life. And saying goodbye doesn’t have to mean forgetting about your loved one.

In fact, with custom prayer cards and other keepsakes, you’ll have your loved one with you long after you say goodbye. All that matters is that you take some time to remember who they were in life so that you can say farewell and move forward. 

It Brings Loved Ones Together 

It’s crucial to make time for honoring and remembering your dearly departed because it can bring friends and family together. Moreover, it can unite your loved ones in the pursuit of celebrating the deceased and the impact they had on everyone around you. 

Many people choose to celebrate their lost loved ones by hosting a celebration of life. These services usually entail beloved activities, special readings, and music. They might also include keepsakes like memorial prayer cards or remembrance stones. 

Some find a great deal of comfort in going around and sharing their favorite stories and anecdotes about the deceased with the people they cherish most. If you ask us, that’s one of the best reasons to bring loved ones together, even if the circumstances are difficult. 

It Gives You the Chance To Celebrate a Life Well-Lived 

Another reason why it’s important to remember loved ones despite the pain is that it gives you and everyone you care about an opportunity to celebrate a life well-lived. Throughout our lives, we gather those we love to celebrate important milestones. And while it may be challenging to see it this way, a funeral or memorial service is no different. 

It represents a transition out of vibrant, joyful life and into the next promising and wonderful phase of existence. Thus, commemorating your loved ones gives you the chance to celebrate them once more. You can share your most cherished memories, and you might even learn something new about your dearly departed in the process. 

The point is—while it may be challenging at first—giving yourself the chance to remember and celebrate your loved one is an integral part of moving forward. So when you feel ready to do so, we strongly encourage you to find a way to honor your dearly departed in a way that comforts you. 

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