What Is Appropriate To Wear to a Funeral?

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In the western world, it is typically accepted that formal attire is best for a funeral. Things have changed slightly over the years as people have started moving away from the cultural and traditional influences of the past. This means there are more widely accepted alternatives to formal services, such as funerals. Here is a broad list of what is appropriate to wear to a funeral in these contemporary times.

Style and Appearance Set the Mood

Traditionally speaking, funeral dress is very black and white. We typically wear dark garments and shoes to represent the passing of someone from life into death. Black is the associated color for death and has been used as the color code for funerary arrangements from the western perspective. You might even carry a laminated obituary bookmark in your breast pocket as an honorary accouterment for the deceased.

Men’s Attire for a Funeral

Men can wear a black or dark-colored suit with dark shoes to match. You can wear a tie, but it’s a matter of preference. There is no room outside these guidelines other than another dark color. You’ll want to wear a white or light-colored dress shirt under your jacket.

Women’s Dress for a Funeral

The ladies have more of a variety of appropriate outfits for a funeral. Women can wear a dark-colored dress or a blouse with a skirt or pants. If you want a more formal angle, you can wear smart trousers with a blouse or shirt and a cardigan, jumper, or blazer. Wear dark flats or heels, depending on what you like. There is even the option of a black jumpsuit.

Now, you have a good idea of what is appropriate to wear at a funeral for the next occasion when you have to show up for someone. You’ll never know when these services can take place, so it’s a good idea to stay ahead of the game and to be ready at a moment’s notice.

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