Understanding What a Funeral Register Book Is

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June 20, 2020
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October 13, 2020

At funerals, it is customary to have a funeral register book. However, due to the many necessary arrangements when planning a funeral, final details such as funeral register books can sometimes fall by the wayside. That said, there are many reasons why you may be glad you remembered such an item. To gain a better understanding of what a funeral register book is and determine if you want to provide one at your event, continue reading.

What Is a Funeral Register Book?

Also known as a book of condolence, funeral guest book, or memory book, a funeral register book is essentially a book that guests who attend a funeral can sign their names in. Typically, the book is a bound hardcover and includes pictures as well as lined pages.

Often, funeral register books will also provide a space for guests to write their condolences or a nice message regarding their lost loved one. Generally, the person or family who is closest to the deceased will keep the book once the funeral is over.

Purpose of a Funeral Register Book

The primary purpose of a funeral register book is to provide a formal record of the people who attended the service. However, a funeral register book does far more than just list the names of the funeral attendees.

In addition to its practical value, register books also have emotional worth. It serves as a priceless memento for those closest to the deceased, compiling the names and notes of those involved in the mourning ritual. It will allow them to look back and fondly remember those who were with them to mourn, pay their respects, and offer support during a challenging time.

When planning a funeral, we know that you already have a lot on your plate, which is why we do all the work of creating a personalized book for you, rather than just offering a template. All you need to do is provide the photos and information you want us to include, and we will arrange it into a beautiful register book that you can treasure forever. For more information regarding our products, contact us today.

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