Ways To Help You Heal After the Loss of a Loved One
Ways To Help You Heal After the Loss of a Loved One
December 9, 2020
Ways To Make Your Loved One’s Funeral More Personal
Ways To Make Your Loved One’s Funeral More Personal
January 5, 2021

Tending to funeral arrangements while grieving the loss of a loved one can be highly stressful. You must deal with the many logistics of a commemorative service while simultaneously managing your emotions. Though it may seem insurmountable at first, perfecting all funeral details in a way that honors your loved one is very possible.

One aspect of the service that helps encapsulate the deceased’s cherished life is the eulogy. The eulogy is generally delegated to a family member, friend, or professional writer. Anyone responsible for writing the speech may find it intimidating to draft the eulogy. That is why Honor You has assembled these tips for preparing a heartfelt eulogy.

Set a Time Limit

Compiling all the accomplishments and milestones of your loved one into a single eulogy would take hours. Instead, highlight the overarching things that made the deceased so beloved. Try to keep your eulogy between five and ten minutes. A short and sweet speech will keep the audience engaged and minimize your stage fright while still capturing the essence of your loved one.

Start With a Story

A story makes a great introduction for a eulogy. Is there a moment from the deceased’s life that sticks out to you? What about that story portrays their character best? A brief story at the beginning of the eulogy is an excellent way to depict the individual’s personality and grab guests’ attention from the jump.

Keep It Positive

Funeral services can be somber events, but you can still foster smiles in the audience by imparting a positive tone in your eulogy. Focus on the positives of your loved one’s life and omit any negativity from your writing. Remember, people are there to celebrate and honor the deceased’s life.

Share Anecdotes

You can illuminate your loved one’s character through storytelling. Weave a few stories into the eulogy to show how special they were from your perspective. Brief narratives are engaging and the ultimate depiction of someone’s nature.

Practice Makes Perfect

To calm public speaking jitters, practice the eulogy aloud. If you memorize the speech, you may still find it useful to bring a copy of the writing up with you. Segment your writing to make it easier to find your spot when giving the eulogy.

Call on Honor You to assist you in the funeral arrangement process. Between our tips for preparing a heartfelt eulogy and our abundant selection of custom memorial products, including prayer cards and funeral service handouts, we offer everything you need to create the perfect remembrance ceremony.

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