Tips for Making Final Arrangements for a Loved One

Thomas Edward Wernham V
February 19, 2021
Different Types of Memorial Products
Different Types of Memorial Products
March 8, 2021

It’s hard to fathom the loss of a loved one on top of making their final arrangements. The process can get overwhelming for folks unfamiliar with the standard practices that follow a passing. Honor You lays out various tips for making final arrangements for a loved one to make the procedure a little less daunting.

Secure Transportation for the Deceased

Proper relocation of the deceased is a top priority for those dealing with final arrangements. If an autopsy is not required, you may contact a mortuary or crematorium to retrieve the deceased. For legal purposes, mortuaries will inform you of the service’s cost over the phone. If first responders such as EMTs are present during the time of death, they will likely remove the body from the home for you.

Once you figure out deceased transportation, inform your loved one’s doctor and the county coroner of their passing. In some cases, it’s necessary to schedule a second transfer to a different funeral home or city.

Let Family and Friends Know of Their Passing

The task of relaying harrowing news is an intimidating one, but also a crucial one. Assemble a list of family, friends, and any other appropriate parties of people who should know about your loved one’s passing. Though most individuals prefer a phone call for this kind of information, a well-crafted text or email may also suffice.

Determine Whether There Are Any Pre-Arrangements

Sometimes, individuals take care of their final arrangements before their death. If their death was anticipated, you’re likely to already know whether they had plans that succeeded their passing.

If you didn’t have the opportunity to talk about your loved one’s intentions for their posthumous ceremony, this step may seem a bit more ambiguous. Search for any pre-arranged instructions left by your loved one so you can best adhere to their final wishes.

Arrange the Funeral Services

Meet with a funeral director to finalize funeral service plans. During your time together, the funeral director should cover how the deceased will be cared for, burial or cremation procedure, ceremony schedule, and costs. Positive communication with the director will ensure all the needs are being met for your loved one’s celebration of life.

Sort Funeral and Memorial Products

It’s commonplace to offer keepsakes at the funeral service as a tribute to the deceased. Place your order for memorial products in advance to prevent any time constraint stress when planning everything else. At Honor You, we specialize in custom funeral products to make every ceremony unique to the person it’s honoring. Consider having a personalized funeral register book at the service to keep track of everyone that came to share their condolences.

Reviewing tips for making final arrangements for a loved one helps to alleviate some of the stress that comes with the process. Check out our other blogs for advice on dealing with the death of a loved one— from the logistics to the grieving.

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