Tips for Getting Through a Funeral Speech

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April 14, 2021
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Many individuals struggle with public speaking generally, so when the topic surrounds a recently lost loved one, the task seems even more intimidating. Those who speak at the funeral do so on behalf of the deceased by commemorating their life through anecdotes, prayers, and poems. With proper preparation, funeral speeches can be effortlessly beautiful. Follow Honor You’s tips for getting through a funeral speech to make the responsibility seem far less daunting.

Think of the Speech as an Opportunity

Funeral speeches encapsulate the life of the deceased through memorable stories. So, think of your speech as an opportunity to honor the cherished life of your loved one. By sharing a story that emulates their character to an audience, you’re continuing their legacy.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Just like any other speech, you must prepare. For those who struggle with speaking in front of a crowd, practice is especially helpful.

You may feel uncomfortable reciting your speech aloud and in front of a mirror; however, doing so will make the actual speech much less jarring to give in front of others. It will also give you the opportunity to process some of the emotions that arise when going through the speech.

Know That Emotions Are Okay

Even with adequate preparation, your emotions can be unpredictable on the day of the funeral. If you start to choke up during your speech, know that you’re in good company. You couldn’t ask for a more sympathetic crowd than funeral guests, as everyone is there to reminisce the deceased.

If you anticipate tearing up, have a water bottle and some tissues at the ready. A sip of water can help recenter yourself, while the tissues wipe away any tears or sniffles.

End Your Speech on a Positive Note

As your speech draws to a close, incorporate an uplifting phrase that your loved one uttered or a happy memory you have with them. Ending your speech on a positive note will allow you and your guests to feel better. Find moments to smile amid all the sorrow to celebrate your loved one’s life rather than simply mourn their death.

Honor You strives to help families properly commemorate their lost loved ones through custom memorial products and keepsakes. We also have various resources similar to these tips for getting through a funeral speech; ultimately, we aim to support you as you navigate funeral planning processes. If you have any questions when perusing our website, consider giving the Honor You Memorial Products team a call.

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