Tips for Creating a Memorial Table

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January 5, 2021
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February 4, 2021

Memorial tables make elegant displays at funeral services. Much more than that, memorial tables are used to represent the life of the deceased. They capture the deceased’s interests by showcasing textiles, medals, family photos—anything that had significance to them. If you’re looking to assemble a memorial table, allow Honor You to help. With the following tips for creating a memorial table, you’re sure to construct a display that greatly honors your loved one.

Cover the Table

Before you start fixing pieces onto the table, add a covering. You can use a tablecloth that belonged to your loved one or any fabric that suits the desired aesthetic.

The cloth should be clean and ironed prior to placement. Pin the fabric to the table with either heavy items or pins fixed to the underside of the table. Without securing the cover, your display is at risk of becoming accidentally disorganized by guests.

Start from the Back

For optimal memorial table setup, start from the back of the table and work your way forward. Place the bulkiest and most important materials down first and work your way around them. This will help prevent overcrowding or overshadowing other objects on the table.

Add Pieces That Tribute Their Hobbies

When actualizing these tips for creating a memorial table, remember that a memorial table is more than a fanciful display. These tables are the opportunity to showcase who your loved one was with materials from their life.

Shadow boxes are popular for exhibiting special paper documents or clothing that were imperative to the deceased’s life. For the avid sporting events, concerts, or play attendee, perhaps you can assemble their mass collection of tickets acquired throughout their life. If they had a uniform from service, sports, or another organization of meaning to them and others, you could fix it into a shadow box for display.

Organize any items that speak to their hobbies. If your loved one had an assortment of pastimes, try to narrow your exhibit pieces to avoid a cluttered table. Pictures of them doing the things they loved with the people they loved also make great additions to the presentation.

Incorporate Lighting

You can illuminate your loved one’s items and other table materials with proper lighting. Artificial candles or string lights are safe and elegant ways to brighten the table. If you prefer real candles for the display, just be sure their placement doesn’t pose a fire hazard.

Consider a Guest Book

Leave a guest book on the table for guests to leave their condolences to the family. If your table can’t accommodate a guest book or isn’t at appropriate height for writing, offer unique memorial products for guests to take along with them. This way, funeral guests can have a commemorative item with them past the funeral’s date.

For memorial product needs, contact Honor You. We understand the importance of getting every detail of a funeral service right and are here to assist you in making that possible.

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