Simple Funeral Decorations To Make It Memorable

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December 8, 2022
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Losing someone you care about is always a difficult thing to deal with. The mourning process can be considerable, and the grief and pain often linger long after that person is gone. That’s why you want a meaningful memorial service, like a funeral or visitation. Just putting up simple funeral decorations to make it memorable lets people know how much that person was loved and cherished.

Multiple Floral Arrangements

Flowers can make a funeral service memorable. They signify all life stages, from birth to death. Floral arrangements are some of the most symbolic and meaningful gifts you can give at someone’s funeral. Many people choose to put wreaths on the entranceways, along the pews, and even on the sides of the casket. You’ll also see many floral arrangements near the casket to celebrate the deceased’s life.

Candle or Incense Display for Visitors

Many older traditions use candles and incense to purify the air inside sanctuaries and places of worship. During a memorial service, the candles and incense will be lit in front of a picture on a mantle near the casket. It is a beautiful offering. The candles and incense will infuse the air with fragrance to put you at peace during and after the service.

Memorial Pictures and Casket Panels

Another great way to help memorialize someone at their funeral is to display pictures of that person and their life to help people feel connected to them. You can even get a casket panel with an enlarged photo and a quote about the individual that everyone can see and read clearly. This is a wonderful touch to the service.

There are many ways to use simple funeral decorations to make the service memorable as long as you keep the person in mind. Considering them and their loved ones will be the key to success when planning an event such as this.

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