Memorial Keepsake Jewelry To Keep a Loved One’s Memory Close

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Though a loved one may have passed, their memories will still live on. Memorial products allow us to commemorate and immortalize the spirit of our loved ones. Jewelry has become a popular option for folks who have recently lost someone close to them. Below, Honor You dives into different kinds of memorial keepsake jewelry to keep a loved one’s memory close.

Urn Pendants

Following a cremation, you have tons of memorial keepsake jewelry options to keep a loved one’s memory close. You can put a small amount of your loved one’s ashes into a mini urn pendant and loop it onto your necklace chain of choice. Popular urn pendant shapes include crosses, hearts, and simple cylinders.

Cremation Rings

Another jewelry option for memorializing your loved one who chose cremation is a cremation ring. Cremation rings have small interior compartments in which you can place a pinch of the deceased’s ashes to preserve their memory.

Dog Tag Necklaces

Dog tags help identify each person serving in the military. They contain identifying information such as name, blood type, and religious preference, if applicable. If your loved one served in the military, a dog tag necklace is a nice way to honor their service and keep them close.

Engraved Leather Bracelets

Engraved leather bracelets are another more masculine option you have when it comes to memorial keepsake jewelry. You can get your leather bracelet laser-engraved with meaningful dates or embellish it with photo locket charms to stow a photo of the beloved deceased.

Honor You supplies an array of memorial products that we can customize just for you. Whether you want to immortalize your loved one with a dazzling necklace or honorific dog tag, you can find the keepsake for you in our selection of memorial products. We also offer custom funeral resources such as prayer cards and programs and guidance on arranging a memorial or coping with loss. Contact Honor You today for personalized products to help commemorate your loved one.

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