Ideas for Celebrating a Deceased Loved One’s Birthday

Dayshawn Cotten
March 31, 2021
The Differences Between a Funeral and Celebration of Life
The Differences Between a Funeral and Celebration of Life
April 14, 2021

When a loved one passes, each posthumous birthday can cause a lot of emotions to resurface. It can feel strange to stop commemorating their birthday after they’re gone, but you don’t necessarily have to. Though the birthday festivities may not feel the same without their presence, you can find solace in the fact your loved one will live on in memory and through celebration. To honor a deceased family member or friend’s birthday, explore a few of Honor You’s ideas for celebrating a deceased loved one’s birthday.

Host a (Virtual or Outdoor) Birthday Party

As the weather warms, socially distanced outdoor parties are making their comeback. Assemble the deceased’s closest family and friends for a commemorative birthday party. Though vaccines are starting to roll out, make sure your party follows COVID-19 safety guidelines to keep guests safe.

If you can’t acquire the outdoor space for all the birthday party guests, opt for a virtual celebration. With apps like Zoom and Google Hangout, you can reunite loved ones to reminisce over video chat.

Visit Their Memorial

With a fast-paced schedule, it can be difficult to make time to visit your loved one’s grave regularly. Dedicate time on the deceased’s birthday to stop by and pay your respects with living loved ones. It’s one of the most traditional ways of honoring special occasions for obvious reasons.

A few ideas for celebrating a deceased love one’s birthday at their memorial include bringing flowers, balloons, and other birthday party requisites. Be sure to be mindful of other folks on the burial grounds visiting their late loved ones.

Create a Keepsake or Keepsake Jewelry

Personalized memorial keepsakes keep the memory of your loved one nearby. On their birthday, you can surprise family and friends with memorial necklaces, keychains, and other accessories.

Honor You has an inclusive inventory of customizable memorial keepsakes, from dog tags to pillows, to provide something for everyone that was close with the deceased to enjoy.

Plant Something In Their Honor

Your loved one can live on symbolically through planted flowers or a tree. Planting something to honor someone will increase the chances of proper plant maintenance. Gardening is a lovely way to spruce up your landscaping and simultaneously rejoice over a late family member or friend’s birthday.

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