How To Plan a Celebration of Life for Your Loved One

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Nothing about a loved one passing away is easy. And, specifically, planning a ceremony to commemorate the deceased is difficult. So let us help you figure out your next steps with our brief guide on how to plan a celebration of life ceremony for your loved one. Hopefully, you can find some valuable information that will help you celebrate your loved one.

Select a Meaningful Location

Location is among the first things you should consider when trying to figure out how to plan a celebration of life for your loved one. The site of your ceremony is crucial. So select a place that’s lovely and fitting for the person your loved one was in life.

Suppose your loved one was a devout catholic. In this case, holding the celebrations at the church they attended might be the best way to go. Whatever you choose, ensure that your location is somewhere those in attendance will feel your loved one’s presence.

Make Time for Readings and Music

We often choose to commemorate our loved ones with special readings and music. So when planning a service to celebrate their life, it’s worth it to incorporate these things. Like the location, it’s best to base the music and readings you choose on the deceased’s interests, personality, and life.

The key is to choose readings and music that exemplify the loving life force of the person you’re celebrating. For instance, if your loved one couldn’t go a day without listening to Nina Simone, have someone sing a few of her songs. If your loved one doted on a specific poet, integrate some of their best poems into the ceremony.

Arrange a Display of Memoriam Items

Another essential for many is having an arrangement of memorial items for attendees to view. These items can be anything you feel represents the deceased. Portraits and family photos, old jewelry, and even perfume are an excellent place to start.

This is also an excellent way to hand out any personalized funeral items or keepsakes that you might want guests to have. These items can include funeral cards, memorial brochures, or remembrance stones with your loved one’s name engraved on them. Doing this provides those in attendance another creative and meaningful way to celebrate the life of their loved one.

Feature a Powerful Gesture To Say Goodbye

Of course, your ceremony must eventually end. And arranging a powerful and symbolic gesture is an excellent way for everyone to say their final goodbyes. You can do this with a cathartic balloon or lantern release. Or, if your loved one chose cremation, you could scatter their ashes in a sentimental location. You can also go for something a little simpler, such as holding a final toast.

Doing this will give everyone in attendance an opportunity to drink to the deceased’s life as they share their favorite stories and anecdotes about them. In any case, a symbolic gesture can be a great way to say goodbye. And for many, it might even help them find closure and peace.

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