How Long Do You Keep a Funeral Register Book?

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Funeral books serve the important function of providing a record of everyone who attended the end-of-life service for your loved one. You may even opt for a funeral register book to remember the dearly departed and keep it as a memento after customizing it.

Due to the individual nature of grief, some people may wonder how long to keep a funeral register book. This question does not have one answer, so we will explore several schools of thought to help you make a decision.

Sending Thank You Notes

As mentioned, the funeral book contains important details about guests. This register asks them to sign their name and provide their addresses.

Once you have guests’ contact information, you can send thank you notes. It’s often difficult to talk to everyone at the service, especially in the early stages of mourning. Thank you notes help show how appreciative you are of everyone’s support.

If you’re wondering how long you can keep a funeral register book, we recommend keeping it for six months so you can send those cards if you wish.

Sentimental Value

Looking at the funeral book may be difficult after a recent loss. However, your feelings on this subject may change as you experience the grieving process.

In time, you may find the guest book to be comforting. With customization options, the funeral register may be a place for guests to write stories about the dearly departed or what they admired most about them. You may want to revisit these memories later.

Funeral Book Solutions

We suggest storing the funeral book rather than throwing it away. You can box it up with other mementos of your loved one. Even if you do not like the thought of holding onto it, consider asking close relatives or friends of the deceased if they would like to keep it.

If nobody you know is interested in keeping the funerary guest book, donating it to a historical society may be an avenue to pursue. After all, it serves as a record of events, which may prove useful to future generations.

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