Benefits of Getting a QR Code for Your Funeral Service

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November 21, 2023
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In the digital age, we always look for ways to make things more convenient for ourselves and others. Even during tough times like a loved one passing away, technology can provide some solace and comfort. One way to make funeral services more accessible and convenient is by incorporating QR codes. QR codes are useful for marketing purposes and allow mourners to access information and share memories. Let’s sit down and unveil the benefits of getting a QR code for your funeral service.

1. QR Codes as Information Resource

One of the reasons to consider using QR codes at funerals is to provide easier and faster access to pertinent event details. A scanning aid on a funeral program or memorial card allows mourners to access information on the service, such as the service order, obituary, and other relevant data. This information can help guide mourners through the funeral service so they don’t miss anything important.

2. QR Codes as a Way To Share Memories

QR codes are also an excellent platform for sharing memories and messages of condolences. Mourners can access an online memorial page after scanning the QR code and leave messages of condolence or share photos and memories. Providing a scanning aid makes it easier for people unable to attend the service in person to feel connected and share their love and support.

3. QR Codes as an Eco-Friendly Alternative To Print Materials

In addition to providing convenience and connectivity, QR codes can be an eco-friendly alternative to traditional print materials. By incorporating a QR code instead of a printed memorial card or program, you can significantly reduce the amount of paper waste generated at the funeral service.

4. QR Codes as a Crowdfunding Platform

Another way to utilize QR codes at a funeral service is by including a code that links to a crowdfunding campaign. By doing so, you can help raise funds for funeral costs and other expenses associated with losing a loved one. Hosting a crowdfunding campaign helps alleviate some of the financial burdens of funeral planning.

5. QR Codes as a Way To Keep Memories Alive

Incorporating QR codes into the funeral service can also provide a way to keep memories alive long after the service has ended. A lasting tribute is formed by linking to a digital memorial page, complete with photos, memories, and loving messages from friends and family.

QR codes offer numerous benefits for funeral services. They provide quick access to information, facilitate memory sharing, and keep remembrances alive. Enhance your funeral service for mourners by using a QR code.

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