A Practical Guide for Preparing for Passing On

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Many people prefer not to discuss the topic of death. However, preparing for the unexpected and discussing plans with loved ones is actually a thoughtful thing to do. It might feel surreal to mention plans post-mortem, but our practical guide for preparing for passing on can transform your convictions. Here is a considerate way to discuss burial plans with loved ones so no one goes into it with a restrained perspective.

Take Inventory

Taking an inventory of your life is step one in preparing for your passing. Some items include financial affairs, personal possessions, or legal documents. They are typically listed in a will as a testimony to the things accumulated during your life.

Work with a lawyer to list all your assets, debts, and liabilities. Take note of any insurance policies, investments, or savings accounts in your name. Gather essential documents like your will, birth certificate, marriage certificate, and banking information. This information makes it easier for your loved ones to handle your dealings.

Create a Contingency Plan

Developing a contingency plan can be helpful when preparing for unheralded passings. Your contingency plan shouldn’t feel reticent. Be sure to include your wishes, such as creating a power of attorney and designating a trusted loved one to make decisions in your stead. For example, a DNR (do not resuscitate) order should be clear in your plans. These end-of-life decisions should be thoughtful; ensure your loved ones understand your plans to give them some peace of mind upon your passing.

Leave a Legacy

Give your family a chronicle of your life. You can depart this life by leaving a legacy, such as a video message, a scrapbook, or a journal. Write down your life story, values, and hopes for your loved ones. Leaving behind a modicum gives family and friends something to cherish forever.

Seek Professional Help

Learning how to prepare for passing on can be burdensome. You may struggle to see its importance and want to focus on other things. Seeking professional help can ease these feelings when planning your burial and life after passing away. Seek help from an attorney to sort out your affairs, and go to an end-of-life counselor to learn how to accept the end.

Taking inventory of your life and sorting through your affairs can make the discussion of passing on easier for family members. It’s never too early or too late to start preparing. Honor You can help with the details, like creating celebration of life prayer cards dedicated to the best aspects of your life. Bring a wave of calm and peace to family and friends as they say goodbye when the time comes.

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