5 Ways To Mourn When You Can’t Have a Funeral

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Whether you were expecting it or not, it’s never easy accepting that someone you love has passed away. How can your love for them remain when they are gone? Funerals can be instrumental in healing and moving on from the pain. However, there are certain situations when you can’t have one. Find out some helpful ways to mourn and heal when you can’t have a funeral.

Reach Out

The thing about grief that many tend to forget is that it’s not something you should go through alone. There’s a special kind of healing that occurs when you reach out to others for support. You end up seeing that others are struggling with it too, and that shared experience and understanding can be paramount to your mourning process.

Get Creative

One thing humans love to do is to create. The aspect of death that is the most striking is the loss of physicality. That’s why you might consider creating a playlist, photo book, or something else special for your departed loved one. You can hold onto these physical things and say, “Yes, you were here. You took up space in this world. And I’ll always remember the mark you left.”

Memorial Service

A helpful way to mourn when you can’t have a funeral is to hold a memorial service. A memorial service is a time for others to gather in memory of the person’s life.

You can also commemorate the shared moment with others by offering a register book for guests to sign their names in and pay their respects. At Honor You, we have memorial bookmarks and personalized funeral guest books to commemorate your loved one in a way that feels personal and respectful.

Favorite Spot

Did your loved one have a favorite spot they frequented? In that case, you might consider heading to that spot and paying your respects. You might find you feel much closer to them, knowing they were in that same location at a different time.

Keep in mind that their favorite spot can be anywhere. Even if it’s not something you enjoy, visiting their favorite places can feel healing. This could be anything from a lake, nature trail, gym, club, restaurant, or store.

Place of Remembrance

Grief is something we carry with us for the rest of our lives. The space this person took up can never really be replaced, which is the beauty and pain of being human. With that, you might find yourself wanting to create a space that is entirely in dedication to them. Consider planting a tree or purchasing a bench where you can go whenever you want to remember your loved one.

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