5 Tips for Choosing the Right Quote for Your Prayer Cards

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A time of loss is difficult for everyone. It can be especially hard to find the right words to express sorrow. The best way to express grief is with prayer cards. A prayer card is a small card featuring an image and a quote. The picture and quote represent comfort and hope for the grieving. They’re a way to remember a loved one. Here are five tips for choosing the right quote for your prayer cards.

1. Reflect on the Life of the Person You’re Remembering

The chosen quote should reflect the person you’re remembering and celebrating. Consider what they meant to you and their personality, values, influential moments, and achievements. A quote that resonates with their life story is a good tribute to their memory. Choose something that reflects their life, such as a favorite saying.

2. Consider the Significance of the Occasion

The occasion in which you plan to distribute prayer cards should influence your chosen quote. Prayer cards for a funeral should include a saying that honors the person’s life and comforts the people attending. A celebration of life or a memorial can have a saying or quote representing the person’s spirit and personality.

3. Seek Inspiration From Music, Books, or Faith

Sometimes you must go directly to the sources that influenced your loved one’s life. Look to their faith, a book they enjoyed, or a favorite song that helped them through their darkest days. A quote from literature, music, or religion can inspire you to find the perfect verse.

If you want something to evoke comfort, hope, and peace, turn to religious texts, poems, and song lyrics. These texts evoke emotions and memories and provide comfort and hope. Work with family and friends to find the quote that captures the deceased person’s essence.

4. Keep the Quote Brief Yet Impactful

Prayer cards are small and feature an image with limited space for text. When choosing a quote, pick a brief yet impactful one. You can summarize blocks of text to help make it easy to read and remember.

5. Personalize the Prayer Card

Personalize the prayer card. Design the card with your loved one’s picture or an illustration of something that represents them. It’s a way to pay tribute to the person you’re honoring and offers comfort and hope.

Choosing an honorable quote for your prayer card may feel challenging, but remember that it’s a time to honor your loved one and celebrate their life. Take the time to reflect on who they were, consider the occasion, and seek inspiration from stirring words and literature. Also, don’t worry; your card is meaningful, no matter how long or short your quote is. Personalize the prayer card as much as possible to make it a beautiful and touching tribute to their memory.

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