How To Offer Support to a Grieving Family Member
How To Offer Support to a Grieving Family Member
September 13, 2022
Why Personalizing a Funeral Register Is a Nice Touch
Why Personalizing a Funeral Register Is a Nice Touch
October 4, 2022

A celebration of life service is a special and non-traditional way of remembering your loved one. This option gives you plenty of freedom, as it strays from the religious connotations of most memorial services. Because it doesn’t follow a specific formula, you can choose unique venues for a celebration of life service to honor the dearly departed in a manner that reflects their personality.

Is a Celebration of Life Right for My Loved One?

As we mentioned, celebrations of life don’t usually have a religious focus. You may want to consider a traditional funeral and memorial service if your loved one strictly followed their faith.

If your loved one was not religious or spoke about not wanting a traditional funeral service, a celebration of life service is a special way to recognize them. Honor You cherishes the memory of each individual and offers custom funeral programs to best remember the deceased uniquely. Whether you go a modern or traditional route, we want to help you find the best way of telling the story of a life well lived.

There aren’t any requirements to have their remains at the non-traditional alternative. However, depending on the laws and venue, you may have the option to scatter their ashes if you desire.

Here are a few unique venues for a celebration of life service, but please keep in mind the individual nature of your loved one and what they enjoyed doing most.

Out in Nature

Perhaps the dearly departed spent most of their free time out in nature. There are plenty of beautiful venues to consider when you’re celebrating outdoors. Forest preserves offer tranquility among the trees and often have spaces to rent if you’d like to say a few words. Botanical gardens are another potential place that may suit your loved one best, especially if they visited them often.

If they found peace by the water, you may want to celebrate them by the sea or near a lake. These outdoor spaces come with serenity, and you have the choice to spread the ashes in the water. Make sure you consider how private you would like the ceremony to be when thinking about celebrating in a public area.

At a Theme Park

Your loved one might have enjoyed all the fun theme parks offer. If that’s the case, you can celebrate them in the lively environment of a theme park rather than host a solemn service. Try going on all their favorite rides and taking pictures with beloved mascots. You can reminisce on cherished times you spent at the theme park with them.

On a College Campus

If your lost loved one valued education, you might want to host their celebration of life service where they attended college. Some campuses have chapels or churches that can help you incorporate an element of tradition. However, there are also plenty of places to meet on campuses, including auditoriums and lecture halls. You have the unique opportunity to acknowledge your loved one by creating a memorial scholarship, which helps others on their respective learning journeys.

Celebrations of life services are a deeply personal way of saying goodbye. While many options exist, it’s important to recognize what the dearly departed would appreciate most.

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