3 Sincere Ways To Personalize a Casket or Urn

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May 12, 2022
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Dealing with the loss of someone you love will always be a formidable challenge. What’s even more difficult is selecting the most appropriate and fitting way to honor their memory. Whether the deceased is to be cremated or buried, you’re responsible for arranging ceremonies and everything that comes along with them.

These decisions include picking out urns or caskets that commemorate your dearly departed properly. Planning for something so important can prove to be taxing. Luckily, we’re here to help you sort it out with a few ideas for sincere ways to personalize a casket or urn.

Urn or Casket Pictures

Urn and casket pictures are an excellent way to personalize your loved one’s resting vessel. These particular modifications are precisely what they sound like: photos installed on the casket or urn. Regarding casket images, family and friends can choose to install the picture on the inside of the coffin.

Urn and casket photos are a heartfelt way to honor the memory of your lost loved one. Moreover, they’re a wonderful way to say your final goodbyes to the person you knew in life. Urn and casket pictures are beneficial for those unable to view the body before it was cremated, or if you’re hosting a closed casket ceremony.

Special Colors and Engravings

When people look for sincere ways to personalize a casket or urn, they’ll sometimes use engravings to celebrate the extraordinary life of their loved one. After all, there are few things more poignant than a poem, quote, or bible verse carved into these unique items that keep the memory of the deceased alive.

Some like to decorate caskets or urns with custom colors that honor the deceased. Perhaps your late grandmother’s favorite color was red. If so, you might customize her urn or casket to boast a beautiful, rosy red shade. Maybe your uncle spent his life tending gardens. In this case, you may want his urn to have a dark green or floral pattern on it. Personalizing your loved one’s urn or casket with meaningful engravings and special colors is an excellent way to honor them and commemorate who they were while alive.

Emblems and Medallions

If you’re looking for another unique addition to your lost loved one’s casket or urn, emblems and medallions are a beautiful choice. Perhaps your dearly departed was a member of the military or another prominent organization. If so, customizing their casket or urn with their official emblem is an excellent way to celebrate your loved one’s spirit. Medallions with the family coat of arms are another popular choice for those who choose to customize the urns and caskets of their loved ones. This is your final goodbye to someone you held close.

You can select any symbol or image you think represents them and have it engraved on either a medallion or the face of their casket or urn. However you choose to honor the deceased, the most important thing is that their casket or urn represents and celebrates the person they were while alive.

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