10 Thoughtful Sympathy Gifts That They’ll Appreciate

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Worldwide, it is tradition to send your condolences in the form of a gift to someone you know as they suffer from the loss of a family member or friend. Sometimes, knowing that you were thinking of them is enough. While many have healthy ways of managing their stress and emotions, sometimes there is a disconnect between them and the world after a loss. Certain individuals need support to help them get through these troubling times. Therefore, we give memorial gifts to these individuals and everyone who experiences a loss like this. You never know how a person might react to something of this magnitude. Here are ten thoughtful sympathy gifts that they’ll appreciate after such a tragedy.

A Blanket for Instant Comfort

Blankets are always a go-to for comfort, no matter the person’s age—be one of them a woman wearing a shawl or a small child carrying their blanket with them everywhere they go. Even when you’re at home, if you’re not feeling your best, you know you’ve been guilty of wrapping yourself up in your comfort quilt until you feel better.

A Photo Album for Reminiscing

Nothing says love like a photo. Because photos last forever, the person they are missing might be gone, but their memories will always be around. It’s hard to think of a better gift that could beat a photobook to memorialize those memories forever. Personalized funeral gifts such as these are ideal after the death of a loved one when you’re doing your part to help them cope with what’s been going on.

A Personalized Mug for Tabletop Cheer

Sometimes something funny or clever is just what the doctor ordered. Consider gifting them a mug with a picture of the person they just lost. That way, they can have a memory of them beside their desk or on their table every morning while they have breakfast or work from home. Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most, and although this gift may seem insignificant, it could have a large impact on this person as they deal with their grief.

A Gift Card for Groceries and Discretionary Spending

Nothing feels better than having the ability to go shopping for things you need and even things you’ve wanted for some time now. Gift cards allow you to do this and make a great gift idea, especially after losing a loved one. The person in mourning might want to have lunch at the restaurant they used to go to when their loved one was living or go see a movie with family and friends to distract themselves. The world is their oyster with gift cards, which makes them great.

A Plant or Two for Something To Nurture

Certain plants make amazing gifts for someone after a loss. Remember, the plants you gift should be aesthetically pleasing and easy to care for. Trying to care for a plant that doesn’t grow beautiful flowers or striking leaves and easily dies while grieving is not ideal, so do your homework first. Otherwise, caring for a plant or two during the mourning period could be a source of inspiration and comfort that could last a lifetime.

A Series of Books for a Healthy Distraction

If you want to gift something meaningful to someone after they have lost a loved one, try offering them a good read. Sometimes having the personal time to experience something in private is exactly what they need. When you have a book by your side, you can forget your reality exists and live in the world your mind creates, page by page—which can be very therapeutic for some.

A Piece of Jewelry that Memorializes the Person They Love

Some creatively crafted jewelry that memorializes the person they lost makes a wonderful gift for truly sentimental people. Lockets are great for these types of gifts; so are charm bracelets, as they hold reminders of the person they love so much. There are countless ways of making jewelry personal for someone, even if it’s something as simple as a gemstone on a thin gold or silver chain. Remember, this gift doesn’t have to be super fancy or expensive for the recipient to consider it unique.

A Gift Basket To Uplift and Pamper Them

Everyone loves a good gift basket. They are super fun to gift someone when you want to let them know that you’re thinking about them. You can customize these any way you like, so if you know their favorite things, you can fill the baskets with many goodies they will enjoy for extended periods to keep them joyful.

An Offer To Help Them Anytime

Simple is always best. Sometimes, when you offer to lend a hand, that is truly all the bereaved person needs. Your offer could mean a ride to the store or a conversation from time to time. Whatever they need, whenever they need it—and because you fulfill that need, you’re giving them more than they could ever ask for.

A Handwritten Letter To Let Them Know You Care

Losing a friend or family member is hard, harder than we can ever expect. If you know the person in mourning doesn’t want any attention or too many people bugging them, sometimes just writing them a personal letter is enough. When they get your letter, they might not read it immediately, but they have the benefit of already having it when they are ready. So, when they feel like making that connection, that’s just one more thing to lift them up.

Having these ten thoughtful sympathy gifts that they will appreciate on standby is always a good idea because anything can happen, and you’ll want to be ready. Life isn’t always fair, but having friends and loved ones around and the gifts they offer can help us get through the hard times.

10 Thoughtful Sympathy Gifts That They’ll Appreciate

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